May 9, 2014

How to write a commendation

By Rowena Bach |

write a commendation

To write a commendation in WeCommend you just answer three questions that are designed to provoke different reflections and powerful insights into a provider and their approach.

Question 1: What are your reasons for commending this provider?

First and foremost, your reasons for valuing a provider are exactly the right reasons, so please be honest and candid – It’s what your colleagues really want to know.

But then consider that you’re the one searching and ask yourself:  What information would I want to read to understand why this person is exceptional in this field?

Some of the things that you may be looking for if you were searching at this stage could be:

  • What makes them expert and credible
  • Insights into their approach
  • Their background and a sense of who they are
  • Specific pieces of work and impact it had
  • The level of employee or leader they work at within your organisation

Question 2: Why did you choose to work with them in the first place?

The insight you provide here will be extremely valuable because it’s your selection criteria, at the same time the reader will be considering theirs.

With one purpose of WeCommend being about helping Learning & OD professionals find more promising partnerships more efficiently, it’s incredibly insightful to understand why you made the decision to work with a provider in the first place.

There are many reasons why you may’ve selected one provider over another, including:

  • Great cultural fit for your organisation
  • Experience in your industry
  • Expert in their field
  • Right price
  • Their proposed approach
  • They were able to show their skills in a demonstration

When writing this, or any other part of the commendation, be as specific as you can and add your personal reflections – perhaps where your intuition was proved right.

Question 3: What are your tips for making this relationship work best?

You will have gained a great deal of experience from working with your commendable providers and clearly found ways to get the most from the relationship – for the benefit of both of you.

You also know that it takes different things to create successful partnerships. So this section is about setting your commended provider up for success.

Examples of this type of insight could be:

  • “The more they understand your business the more valuable they will be”
  • “They will tell you when they’re not the right person for a project – and this is an asset”
  • “Allow them to adapt a programme after they’ve run it once as they really know what works”

Below you’ll see an example of a well-written commendation that benefits the reader and gives great credit to Janine too.

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 13.46.19

200 Characters

We’ve given you just 200 characters in each field – so that we can get to the very core of a commendation and also to help with search.  It would be difficult to scan results and make comparisons with an entry that’s much longer.

So the challenge is to consider adjectives that cut right to the heart of why this provider is right for you and your business – making just 2 or 3 points per question.

One way to look at it is to imagine that you had a minute left on call with a colleague who wanted to know what’s so good about this provider.

You know best

Your experience of working with your commendable providers will be hugely valuable to those searching for new partners.  If you answer the questions with insight and with an eye on what you’d need when you search, then you’ll be on the right lines.

So give it a go and write the commendations your best providers deserve.

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