April 20, 2014

How do I get a commendation?

By Rowena Bach |



It’s now widely accepted that word of mouth recommendations among friends, family and peers drive more purchasing decisions than any other influence.  WeCommend is where in-house learning folks are looking for new providers because they know that everybody they discover here is trusted and has been recommended by their colleagues in other companies.

Getting commended

WeCommend is very different from a directory of providers because only those who’ve been commended will appear in any searches.  That means you’ll need to gain a commendation from a client in order to be visible in here.  But before you approach your clients, the questions below will help you to identify who’s most likely to respond – and in the areas you wish to be known for.

1.       Who are your strongest advocates?

These are the clients who are likely to have the greatest commitment to writing you a commendation – one that’s rich and specific enough for other readers to understand what you’re about and why you’re commendable. For those you’ve done less work with, or less recently, you could approach them but be mindful that they might choose not to commend you at this time – and that’s fine.

2.       What do you wish to be discovered for in searches?

You’re going to appear in member searches based on the information you build into your WeCommend profile, complimented by your client commendations.   Searches can be filtered by type of work, areas of expertise, as well as industries and locations in which you’ve worked.  Therefore, think carefully about the type of work you want to be approached for, by those who discover you in their searches. That said, if you do receive a left field commendation, then don’t worry.  You’ll be able to express your preferences in your profile – and it’s not going to harm you to have plenty of commendations.

3.       How should you ask for a commendation?

Having answered these questions, you’ll now have a good idea about which of your clients you’ll approach and for what type of work.  You can request a commendation from the purple bar at the top of your home page.  Just provide us with your client’s name and email address and we’ll do the rest.  If you wanted to tell them beforehand that you’ll be doing this, you can always use the text below as a warm and considerate message in advance:

Hi, I’m not sure whether you’re familiar with WeCommend.  It’s a great new place for finding learning providers who’ve been recommended by your L&D colleagues in other companies, based on the quality of their work.

If you feel the work we’ve done together on Innovative Thinking {optional to add in the name here} is worthy of a commendation, I’d really appreciate it if you’d take a few minutes to publish this on the site. Many thanks.

Making the most of WeCommend

Joining WeCommend is easy.  Just register your details and build a compelling profile that tells others who you are and what you’re best at.  Then ask the clients you’ve identified here to write you commendations that tell potential new clients why they should contact you.

The more commendations you publish, the stronger your profile will appear to those who discover you.  After all, word-of-mouth from many like-minded people can only go to reinforce your position as a trusted advisor and expert to your clients.

Please tell us whether this article was helpful and what else you’d like know as you make your way in WeCommend.