April 21, 2014

Frequently asked WeCommend questions

By Rowena Bach |


Our aim at WeCommend is to make finding new successful partnerships easier.

Over the years, we’ve been introduced to many providers via our networks and established some strong and profitable relationships as a result. The thing is, there have been many more times when we’ve been looking for the right provider and it was both difficult and time-consuming.

Our light bulb moment came when we thought about making the private conversations we were all having a little more public. Well, to the rest of the L&D community anyway.

So we asked our network if they’d use a site like this and they all said ‘yes’. We asked a number of providers if they’d like to be involved and they all said ‘yes’, too!

So, WeCommend was born to make all our lives easier and to improve the chances of us all finding our most promising partnerships. It’s designed to benefit both in-house Learning & Development professionals and those working as providers. We’ve cherry picked a few of the most frequently asked questions to help you get to know WeCommend better.

How does WeCommend work?

L&D & HR folks – WeCommend is a peer-to-peer recommendation platform where you share recommendations of your most trusted providers and search for new providers based on recommendations from your peers in other companies. Your providers will appreciate the recognition from you and will benefit from amplified word-of-mouth.

If a provider you recommend is not already a member, they’ll receive an email from us with details of your commendation and they’ll be invited to join and add further details of the work you’ve done together. At this point, they’ll become visible in searches.

Multiple commendations showcase their expertise and trusted status whilst commendations that are verified by you will enhance their search rankings even further.

Providers – With a published commendation from one of your clients, you’ll become visible in searches where HR and L&D professionals are looking for your skills and experience. We invite you to build a member profile, to compliment your commendations, and let those who are looking for you know about the successful work you’ve done with your existing clients.

Once you’ve joined, you can invite your clients to write further commendations about the work you’ve done with them. You then add details that describe the work, so that those looking for you gain a full picture of your experience and expertise.

L&D and HR folks will search here by topics, location and industry to see who’s been commended in these areas. The more commendations you have published and visible, the higher you appear in search results.

What happens after I make a commendation?
We send an email invitation to your provider to join WeCommend, if they’re not already a member. If they are a member, then they’ll receive an email letting them know the nice things you’re saying about them. They can then add practical details to your commendation, like a short description of the work, when it took place and in which searches they’d like to appear. Once they’ve published it, it’ll be visible in searches. The final step is that you’ll receive an email update with the option to verify the details they’ve added.

How many commendations do I need?
You need one published commendation for your profile to be visible in WeCommend. After that, the more verified commendations you have, the richer your profile is going to look to those who discover you in their searches. You may also want to gather commendations that best reflect the extent and range of your expertise.

When searching, how do I know that someone else’s commended provider is the same standard as a provider that I would commend?
We’ve asked three questions in the commendation that we think get to the heart of the reason a provider is worthy of commendation. We’ve also filtered your search to show those who have experience in your industry, for a comparable context.

Can I leave a suggestion for improvement?
We’d love your suggestions, yes please – thank you. There’s a feedback link inside WeCommend or write to us directly.

We hope this has given you a taste of what it’s all about. You’ll find a full set of FAQs and our community guidelines and more explanation in our What is WeCommend page. We’re also on hand if you need help with anything at all – please do contact us – we’d love to hear from you.