January 7, 2014

To commend or not to commend…?

By David James |

WeCommend is the only place you need to search for providers because you’ll find only those recommended by your colleagues.  This is only possible when we’re confident that it’s our best, most successful partnerships that are recognised with a commendation.

So how do you recognise providers who are worthy of a commendation?

Generally, providers worthy of your commendation are the ones you tell colleagues about in real life. In conversations, when asked who you work with – it’s those who spring to mind first.

They could be your ‘go-to’ providers and coaches.  Those you call first whenever you’ve got a new project or initiative.  The folks you reach out to whenever you want to talk something through and get some advice.

They may also be trusted experts in a certain area and you’d work with them more if opportunities came up but perhaps they do something so niche that you only bring them in occasionally.

Do you commend the company or the individual?

For the purposes of search, we ask that you commend the individual rather than the company they work for.

If you’re fortunate enough to work with a company of many great people, then by all means pop them all into WeCommend.  If, however, you work with only one or two individuals from a company, then only enter those who are truly remarkable.

The WeCommend site will link all individuals together to their companies and you’ll be able to see this.  But in our experience, entire companies of great individuals are rare and that’s why we prefer to commend those individuals.

And the not-so Commendables?

On the opposite side of the scale, less commendable providers could be those you hesitate to mention when you’re asked for a specific recommendation – for, say, Negotiation training.  You may find yourself responding with something along the lines of ‘well, there’s a provider we use but…’

No-one benefits from a so-so commendation and we hope that pointing a colleague in the direction of WeCommend instead, will offer you an alternative response.  There’s a great chance that another WeCommend member will have commended somebody exceptional – and you could search for a new provider here too!

How do you deal with a request for a commendation if you don’t want to give one?

We anticipate that providers you’ve worked with will ask you for a commendation to get them into the site or to help them build up their profile.  If this happens, it’s a good sign that together we’re on the right track to building something valuable!  But please don’t write a commendation just because you’ve been asked to.

Only write a commendation for those providers that you truly believe are worthy, and apply the same criteria we outlined above to help your colleagues find only exceptional providers in their searches.

Reasons to not commend

There are many legitimate reasons you won’t think a commendation is appropriate. It could be that a provider does solid work with you but you just don’t have enough visibility to actually commend them. Or they were perfect in a previous era in your organisation but perhaps not now. Or the dynamic of the relationship has changed.

If for any reason, you don’t wish to offer a commendation then don’t feel obliged to.  We’ve been clear in the WeCommend Community Guidelines that nobody is to feel pressured for commendations and we encourage you to let us know if this happens so that we can deal with it.

Make your commendation

Hopefully this has been helpful to you for identifying providers you now want to commend.  So, make that commendation and follow-up with a search around WeCommend to discover who else is in here.

Please tell us if this article was helpful and what else you’d like to know.