April 25, 2014

Make Your Brain Work by Amy Brann

By David James |

make your brain work

Make Your Brain Work is an introduction to the practical applications of Neuroscience and it’s usefulness in a business context. With her background in medicine, Amy’s writing is credible and challenging: integrating stories that set the scene, science that goes behind the scenes and tips to manage your brain and gain insights in professional situations.

The book is split out into three sections that each build upon one another. Firstly the book looks at ‘You’ and what’s going on in your own mind as well as tips for overcoming common habits. Then it looks at ‘Your Colleagues and Clients’ before finally what Neuroscience means for ‘Your Company’.

There is plenty here to inspire us all in our approach to learning, particularly as we look to capitalise on the insights that Neuroscience now offers. There is an entire chapter devoted to the way we learn new things and what we can do in L&D to optimise the learning process.

The whole of the second section, Your Colleagues and Clients, looks at core professional skills and behaviours, including motivating others, delivering presentations, ‘transforming’ meetings and an exploration of work/life balance – from the perspective of the mind. It’s packed full of practical tips and ‘how to’ guides.

It’s in the final section that Amy offers us, as L&D professionals, an interesting and modern approach to Managing and Leading others. For further reading on this, the Make Your Brain Work website has a dedicated area for tools, interviews, and answers to frequently asked questions on Neuroscience-based Leadership.

Amy has succeeded in writing a book that has the right amount academic rigour but which is also accessible and practical. A great read to build up your knowledge and understanding of Neuroscience.

You can find out more and buy Make Your Brain Work at Amazon.