January 2, 2014

Why we started WeCommend

By David James |

From our experience in leading Learning & Development teams, we’ve always thought it should be easier and less time consuming to find the right external providers when we’ve needed them. And that’s not because there are a lot of bad providers out there.  It’s just that every context is different and requires a certain type of partner.

For us, cold calls and speculative emails had rarely offered fruitful introductions – and this was a common theme in our market research.  However, we found recommendations were often much more useful.

We started WeCommend to make searching for the right providers more efficient and give in-house learning teams access to more plausible options – at their fingertips.

In addition, we wanted to ensure that providers who were doing great work, in any given context, were recognised for doing so and rewarded with the opportunity to create even more successful client relationships – just by being here.

If you’re an in-house Learning, Training and OD professional, use WeCommend to give a voice to the great work your providers have done with you.  Then search for even more promising partners who’ve been recommended by your colleagues.

If you’re a provider, then please read our short article on what you can do to get your first commendation so that you too can join WeCommend and be where new clients are searching for you.