September 3, 2014

Reconnect with your clients

By David James |

reconnect with clients

If you’re looking for a reason to reconnect with your clients after the holiday season, why not do so by asking them for a commendation in WeCommend? Not only will you remind them of the successful work you’ve done together but any commendation is then visible to their L&D peers in other companies when they too are looking for your expertise.

Writing a commendation is quick and easy and your clients will join a network of hundreds of L&D leaders who are already WeCommend members.

What a great reason to get back in touch!

July 11, 2014

What happens after I request a commendation in WeCommend?

By David James |


We’ve spoken in previous blogs about how you might approach your clients for commendations and, because we’re all about transparency, we want to give you more insight into how WeCommend works and especially what happens when you request a commendation.

We’ve made requesting a client commendation easy from within the website, with the ‘Request a commendation’ option at the top of the page:


‘Request a commendation’ button in WeCommend


From here, you just enter the name and email address of your client and we send them an invitation to join WeCommend to write you a commendation. The request a commendation email is worded according to whether they are an existing member of WeCommend or not. You can see we’ve kept it brief and we follow-up with bespoke emails to help them to understand what we’re all about and to provide gentle, respectful prompts over a period of days and weeks. So you have a team here helping you gain your commendation well after your initial request is sent.


July 1, 2014

How to approach new potential clients without a lead

By David James |

Approach new potential clients

Would you believe me if I told you that, during my time at Disney, I’d often receive more than 10 unsolicited approaches (by phone and by email) every single day? Some would be new approaches. Some would be follow-ups. And most would be from people I had no relationship with as yet. You should also know that this a common scenario for Learning & Development leaders, so how should you approach potential new clients in light of this?

Someone recently told me that the Learning & Development department is an access point for more prospectors than any other part of the business – and I was surprised. I thought every department got this many approaches. Especially at Disney.

In my research for this post, I’ve been asking members of my network whether unsolicited approaches were a problem for them too, and been met with universal agreement.


May 9, 2014

How to write a commendation

By Rowena Bach |

write a commendation

To write a commendation in WeCommend you just answer three questions that are designed to provoke different reflections and powerful insights into a provider and their approach.

Question 1: What are your reasons for commending this provider?

First and foremost, your reasons for valuing a provider are exactly the right reasons, so please be honest and candid – It’s what your colleagues really want to know.

But then consider that you’re the one searching and ask yourself:  What information would I want to read to understand why this person is exceptional in this field?

Some of the things that you may be looking for if you were searching at this stage could be:

  • What makes them expert and credible
  • Insights into their approach
  • Their background and a sense of who they are
  • Specific pieces of work and impact it had
  • The level of employee or leader they work at within your organisation (more…)