July 29, 2014

Let’s chat with co-founder of WeCommend, Rowena Bach

By Rowena Bach |

Rowena Bach WeCommend

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Priya Pancholi: Marketing Executive at Ardentisys

Today we are interviewing the Co-founder of WeCommend, Rowena Bach.

Rowena’s new venture has stemmed from her passion about how talent management and learning and development helps businesses perform better, enabling them to do more for their customers.

Prior to WeCommend, Rowena has cultivated a broad range of skills including talent, learning and coaching strategies for various industries such as retail, banking, consumer goods and TV broadcasting. Companies that Rowena has worked for such as Disney, Sky, Deutsche Bank and M&S.

Rowena transferred her skills into consultancy in 2013 which has enabled Rowena to work across a wide selection of businesses and industries.

This provided space for her to setup as another way of contributing to continuously improving the L&D profession.

Thanks for joining us Rowena.

Let’s start with you telling us a bit about WeCommend


May 9, 2014

How to write a commendation

By Rowena Bach |

write a commendation

To write a commendation in WeCommend you just answer three questions that are designed to provoke different reflections and powerful insights into a provider and their approach.

Question 1: What are your reasons for commending this provider?

First and foremost, your reasons for valuing a provider are exactly the right reasons, so please be honest and candid – It’s what your colleagues really want to know.

But then consider that you’re the one searching and ask yourself:  What information would I want to read to understand why this person is exceptional in this field?

Some of the things that you may be looking for if you were searching at this stage could be:

  • What makes them expert and credible
  • Insights into their approach
  • Their background and a sense of who they are
  • Specific pieces of work and impact it had
  • The level of employee or leader they work at within your organisation (more…)
April 21, 2014

Frequently asked WeCommend questions

By Rowena Bach |


Our aim at WeCommend is to make finding new successful partnerships easier.

Over the years, we’ve been introduced to many providers via our networks and established some strong and profitable relationships as a result. The thing is, there have been many more times when we’ve been looking for the right provider and it was both difficult and time-consuming.

Our light bulb moment came when we thought about making the private conversations we were all having a little more public. Well, to the rest of the L&D community anyway.

So we asked our network if they’d use a site like this and they all said ‘yes’. We asked a number of providers if they’d like to be involved and they all said ‘yes’, too!

So, WeCommend was born to make all our lives easier and to improve the chances of us all finding our most promising partnerships. It’s designed to benefit both in-house Learning & Development professionals and those working as providers. We’ve cherry picked a few of the most frequently asked questions to help you get to know WeCommend better.

How does WeCommend work?

L&D & HR folks – WeCommend is a peer-to-peer recommendation platform where you share recommendations of your most trusted providers and search for new providers based on recommendations from your peers in other companies. Your providers will appreciate the recognition from you and will benefit from amplified word-of-mouth. (more…)

April 20, 2014

How do I get a commendation?

By Rowena Bach |



It’s now widely accepted that word of mouth recommendations among friends, family and peers drive more purchasing decisions than any other influence.  WeCommend is where in-house learning folks are looking for new providers because they know that everybody they discover here is trusted and has been recommended by their colleagues in other companies.

Getting commended

WeCommend is very different from a directory of providers because only those who’ve been commended will appear in any searches.  That means you’ll need to gain a commendation from a client in order to be visible in here.  But before you approach your clients, the questions below will help you to identify who’s most likely to respond – and in the areas you wish to be known for.